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Antonio is a precise, exact and meticulous individual. He constantly seeks perfection and is very interested in details.

He is normally quiet and discreet, and will work without problems once he has been thoroughly explained what he has to do.

Antonio is careful and although he has a certain inclination for detail, he also needs to perform varied tasks, to avoid getting bored and achieve maximum efficiency.

He likes to reflect on things. Antonio uses his logical and analytical skills to respond to complex and difficult problems.

Antonio is systematic, methodical and disciplined. In his approach to work, he tends to follow policies, guidelines and rules very closely.

Tends to follow the protocol. Work more effectively and comfortably in structured, clear and unambiguous situations.

He can work well for himself in solving problems and planning activities.

He can be efficient in work teams, in small or large groups, and in person-to-person relationships.

He will try to meet the needs of others. In general, he will tend to respect the ideas, opinions and behaviors of other people, especially those he trusts.

He will feel motivated doing specialized tasks, either as a member of a team or on your own. Your authority should be based primarily on expertise and your duties may include varied tasks.

His general approach is cautious and conservative.

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